Flash and Batt 

Blown In Insulation & More in Windham, ME

Flash and Batt Insulation is commonly referred to as hybrid foam insulation. It’s a newer type of insulation that’s becoming more recognized as the years go on. 

What’s it made of?

Flash and Batt is a combination of two types of insulation. It’s made of fiberglass and closed-cell foam insulation reaping the benefits of both. It has a high R-value, it’s easy to install, controls moisture throughout the structure, and greatly reduces air leakage. 

Flash and Batt can be the perfect commercial insulation!

Flash and Batt is great to have in any home or office. Although it’s not as environmentally friendly as cellulose or fiberglass is, its benefits outweigh its contribution, or lack thereof, to the environment. Call us today to speak with a knowledgeable, friendly staff member to learn if Flash and Batt, fiberglass, or blown in insulation is the right choice for your residential or commercial insulation needs. 

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